Oct 01

Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchThe Garvan Institute of Medical Research has been one of Australia’s best facilities in biomedical research for the past 45 years. It aims to study the genetic processes of different diseases that affect society today, and someday find ways to prevent their occurrence or cure individuals afflicted with them. Research at the institute focuses on common diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis, and immune disorders to name a few.

Starting out as a research department in St. Vincent’s Hospital which was established in 1857, the Garvan Institute was finally recognized as an autonomous, non-profit research institute in 1984 by the New Wales South Parliament when the Garvan Institute of Medical Research Act was passed. Garvan was named after James Patrick Garvan, the father of one of the primary donors of the institute when it was still a part of St. Vincent. It was in 1986 when the Garvan Institute was awarded a grant by the National Health and Medical Research Council, increasing the funding for a bigger facility and allowing more research to be done. It took four years, from 1994 to 1997, for Garvan’s world-class, modern-day research facility to be completed.

Home to over four hundred scientists, students, and support staff, Garvan has become Australia’s largest medical research facility, collaborating with institutions such as hospitals and other medical research facilities in Australia and around the world. Garvan is now recognized as a leader in genetic research, paving the way for a better understanding of diseases that take root at the cellular and molecular level of the human body.

The Garvan Institute also established a research foundation, aptly named the Garvan Research Foundation, in 1981 to raise funds for the institutes many research programs. The foundation was able to raise $110,000 during the first year of fundraising, to over $21 million in the year 2010. The foundation is also involved in bringing the importance of medical research to the community through different Public Engagement Programs.

With state of the art technology and expert medical researchers, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research has well earned its title was a leader and pioneer of medical research, nationally and internationally.

Sep 23

Kolling Institute of Medical ResearchFounded in 1920 as a part of the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, the Kolling Institute of Medical Research has been one of the leading centers for health and medical research in Australia. Research at the institute primarily focuses on conditions afflicting the human lifespan such as pregnancy and childbirth, cancer and genetics, kidney and heart disease, pain and neurological disorders, diseases of the bone and joints, and tissue regeneration. The institute aims to study these different conditions and diseases in order to improve society’s quality of life.

Because the Kolling Institute was founded over 80 years ago, it is known as the longest-running medical research facility in New South Wales. It was first established as the Institute of Pathological Research of New South Wales by an Act of Parliament in 1920. The institute changed its name to the Kolling Institute of Medical Research in 1931 in memory of Charles Kolling, whose widow was one of its primary benefactors. Since its establishment, the Kolling Institute directors have all made great contributions to biochemistry of blood pigments, immunology, and endocrinology and cellular growth factors.

The institute has a team of over 350 scientists and post graduate students working on different medical research programs by the University of Sydney and the institute. The Kolling Institute has over seven divisions dedicated to medical research: bone and joint, developmental and regenerative medicine, pain management, renal, cardiology, hormones and cancer, and perinatal divisions. From these, we can see the “life span” approach that the institute’s research has taken.

The Kolling Institute is in partnership with the University of Sydney and the Royal North Shore Hospital. It has several buildings in the campus, with three laboratories in the Kolling Building, a state-of-the-art medical research and education facility funded by the New South Wales Department of Health and the University of Sydney. Aside from laboratory research, the institute also has programs in clinical and public health, in collaboration with the Northern Sydney Local Health District. Funded by government and the Kolling Foundation, the Kolling Institute of Medical Research exists to delve deeper into the conditions that affect the health of the human body and to discover ways to maintain its health.

Jul 14

Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes InstituteBecause obesity has been consistently within the top ten morbidities in the whole world, its complications such as heart disease and diabetes are the greatest threats to the health of society. The Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes institute was created through two of Australia’s research organizations, the Baker Heart Institute and the International Diabetes Institute to create a medical research facility that focused on these two morbidities and their complications. The institute has been focusing research on cardiovascular disease and diabetes and their complications for over 85 years.

Based primarily in Melbourne, the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute also has research teams in Alice Springs and Adelaide. Collaborative efforts with other institutions such as the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (AMREP) are also in place to improve the capabilities of both institutions to perform research. Research at the institute primarily focuses on diagnosis, prevention, and treatment, the main principles of health prevention and promotion by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The mission of the institute is to reduce death and disability from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and related disorders. Because Australia’s ageing population has also brought increasing cases of chronic diseases, now has been the most important time to study the morbidities that plague them. With over 650 base staff, the research at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute includes maternal health, indigenous and gestational health, subclinical organ damage, heart failure, and terminal disease – all complications brought about by CVDs and diabetes.

The institute is funded through several Federal and State grants as well as philanthropic support from the community and alumni, allowing Baker IDI to pioneer several developments in cardiovascular care. The institute is one of the pioneers in research involving open heart and transplant surgery, differentiating type 1 and type 2 diabetes, exercise and the cardiovascular system, and antithrombotic drugs for treating CVDS/

Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute also has the best clinical services offered to the community, both individuals who are healthy and afflicted with CVDs and diabetes. Medical clinics for diabetes services, weight assessment and management, preventive medicine, healthy heart clinic, and exercise programs are just some of the lost list of medical services offered by the institute.

May 07

life insurance quoteMost Australians these days realise the importance of having adequate insurance. Typically this will include insurance for such things like home and contents insurance, and car insurance. These are the types of insurance products that most Australian families will be already familiar with.

But another type of insurance that has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent times is that of life insurance. The most common form of life insurance is that of term life insurance. This type of product pays a lump sum dollar amount if your die or become terminally ill. For most persons, this type of financial product provides peace of mind with the knowledge that your family will be taken care of financially should you not be around to do so yourself.

Some of the most common things that policy holders quote to us as being the reason for holding a life insurance Austalia policy include payment for such things as:

  • the family home mortgage
  • credit card debt
  • car loan debt
  • ongoing school or university fees
  • general living expenses

If you are considering a life insurance policy for you or your partner, please seek out the services of a fully qualified financial adviser. An adviser can help you with life insurance comparison using their industry experience and knowledge to help you navigate through the different options available. They will be able to assist you by understanding your unique personal circumstances and financial goals, and will help you decide on an appropriate life insurance product for you and your family.

Feb 17

small business insuranceFor those running any sort of small business will already know, the potential costs associated with loss or damage to some aspect of your business can be significant. Whether or not you are engaged in some capacity of the Australian medical industry, this is indeed an issue that should be carefully considered.

The question of where to get small business insurance is often one that we hear crop up from time to time. We often hear of scenarios whereby small business operators know that they need some form of insurance but are unsure where to to start.

The answer to this question is two-fold:

Most importantly it would seem, consumers need to feel confident that any small business insurance quote that they are considering represents good value for money. There are of course many methods that small business owners can utilise to ensure an adequate outcome in this regard, but one of the tried and tested method remains – shop around. For most, this has generally meant calling around different insurers and getting product information posted / emailed out  and then following up with further phone calls as the process is narrowed down.

Alternatively, an option exists whereby you can find business insurance quotes from any of the comparison sites that can found online. These types of sites will typically request your information, have an insurance consultant contact you to gather a bit more information about the type of Australian insurance product that you want, and then do the hard work of gathering quotes for you from multiple different insurance companies.

Whichever method you decide that is best for your small business, an important aspect remains that you should always seek the advice of a trusted financial adviser before you make any decision to purchase a financial product.


Jan 04

Besides protecting your income against job loss, income protection cover has the advantage of being a very flexible form of coverage. Australian consumers have a wide-variety of coverage options that can help them to find a policy that is well-suited to their needs and budget.

With so many insurance companies that offer income protection, consumers will find that they have a lot of insurance options. Some of the more common options include the benefits level, the benefits period, the waiting period and the policy type. Consumers can also choose from different premium schedules to further help them fit the policy into their budget.

Comparing these options and premiums can be easy when you shop for income protection cover online. Filling out a form on a site that specializes in income protection cover will get you a list of quotes from a variety of insurers.